Terra Nova Estates
Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Notice page to share holders

My name is Debra Dowding and I have been a shareholder since Aug of 2021. My husband and I purchased the home for our daughter so she is close to us. I’ll start by speaking to a current bylaw, I understand board member must live in the park to be on the board but I hold my daughter’s Power of Attorney so I can act in every manner on her behalf. More importantly, I am committed to helping the park to be a safe and happy environment for all home owners!
I have spent over 30 years working in IT for small business and large global organizations and still have a few more years to go. I currently hold my Legal Assistant Diploma and PMP certification. The qualities I feel that make me a good candidate for the board are attention to detail and the drive to get things done.
I look forward to getting to know everyone and hope that we all work together for the best interest of the park and all its homeowners.

Last update: 10 th  June 2022
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