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Updated May 27th, 2013


    1. Rented Units - A shareholder who rents his unit or/and lot will be responsible for their tenants compliance of these rules.

    2. Mobile removal and installation - The arrival, installation, removal and/or departure of any mobile home shall occur during the hours arranged with the Board of Directors regarding its condition, failure to comply may result in the eviction of the unit. Finally, all city by-laws and permits must be respected.

    3. Rights - Each shareholder and tenant shall respect the rights and privileges of other residents.

    4. Noise By-Laws - All municipal noise regulations will be respected, as per City by-law 2004-253, no noise between the hours of I I:OO PM. and 7:OO A.M. No excessive noise 24 hours a day.

    5. Slope and Grade of the land - There will be no alterations to the slope or grade of the land, nor will there be any interference with the drains on lands constituting the premises, without written consent of the Board of Directors.

    6. Common Areas - The Board of Directors shall suggest uses for all common areas, which will require the approval of the shareholders by means of a simple . majority vote.

    7. Children - There will be no playing in the front, side or back of the main building and office. No children are allowed to ride bikes or play in other peopIe's yards without permission. Any damage done to the park or shareholder's property by children will be the parent`s responsibility, please keep track of your children.

    8. Overall parking - The roadways throughout the park shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than gaining access to and from the leased premises. Street parking is not permitted. Exception applies for short term servicing vehicle.

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    8... Overnight Parking - Overnight parking of motor vehicles (not belonging to a shareholder/tenant) shall park in the allotted visitor parking. Visitors staying for more than 48 hours can contact the Board of Directors to obtain parking permits. These allotted parking spots are for visitors only and are not for any resident's personal use. Vehicles not abiding by these rules may be towed and ticketed by the City at the owner`s expense.

    9. Yard Maintenance - All City By-Laws on yard maintenance will be respected. Municipal property standards will apply to yard and home exteriors.

            a. Storage of junk and debris: Storage of materials in and around your property is regulated under the Property Maintenance By·Law No 2005-208. This by-law sets standards for the maintenance of properly and includes regulations for the cleaning and clearing of refuse or debris. Excessive or unacceptable accumulation of materials in yards is NOT permitted. This includes the storage of; garbage of any kind, rubbish, inoperative vehicles and mechanical equipment, automotive and mechanical parts, appliances, furnaces, heater or fuel tank, furniture, table waste, paper, cartons, crockery, glassware or cans, garden refuse, earth or rock fill, material from construction or demolition projects and old clothing.
        Domestic storage such as firewood, building materials. garden equipment must be stored in a rear or side yard provided that
        - such storage does not exceed l5% of the yard area in which it is stored.
        - such storage shall be neatly piled and shall not constitute a hazard
        - such storage shall NOT be stored in the front yard between the front wall of the building and the street line

Failure to comply to this by-law will result in legal action with the end result of eviction.

            b. lt is the owners /shareholders responsibility to ensure that lawns are mowed, trimmed and kept free of noxious weeds.

            c. Vehicles, which are not road worthy or plated, must be removed within 30 days of notice by the Board of Director, at the owner’s expense.

    l0. Recreational Vehicles - Recreational vehicles must be licensed and roadworthy.

            a. No skidoos, ATVs, trail bikes (off road) or 4 wheelers are permitted on any roadway in the park.

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            b. No more than 3 recreational vehicles including boats, travel trailers, skidoos, dirt bikes etc. shall be allowed per lot.

            c. All seasonal vehicles are to be parked in the designated storage area, behind 4th Ave, a key for which may be obtained from the office with a $5:00 deposit.

    l l. Commercial Vehicles — All vehicles over l ton capacity will not be allowed in the park, without prior notice to the Board of Directors. Exceptions include;

            a. Garbage collection

            b. Delivery and or pick-up purposes

            c. Vehicles necessary to accomplish park maintenance

    12. Operation of Small Business -There will be no small business of any kind . The display of any business signs, advertisements and/or notices, in or around the park will not be permitted. Property "for sale" signs will be exempt of this rule.

    13. Street Signs - All signs are to be respected and will be enforced throughout the park. This pertains to the Fire Route signs, speed limit signs which indicate the speed as 20 km/h and all stop signs.

    14. Garbage - Garbage shall be bagged and kept in covered containers until pickup day.

            a. lt is not to be put out earlier then 6:00 P.M. the night before

            b. lf you miss the pick-up it must be kept secure for the next week

            c. Immediate clean up of any scattered garbage by owner

    15. Water - Water conservation in each home is ofthe utmost importance, it is not to be left running unless in use. Please remember you are paying the bill. Lawns have to be watered by hand, you`re not allowed to use an automatic sprinkler system.

    16. Household Pets - Household pets are permitted in the park if they meet all the City‘s by-laws, which also include keeping your pet on a leash at all times when not in a fenced yard, remember this includes both cats and dogs. A limit of 2 cats or dogs per household. Refer City By-laws l regarding any further information if needed. Please be advised that the poop and scoop City of Ottawa by-law is also in effect here. Anyone not abiding will be charged.

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    17. Credit Checks - Any prospective new shareholder rnust be approved by the Board of Directors, following a successful redit check. Failing to comply could result in eviction of the shareholder.

    18. Occupancy Document - All shareholders shall honor all regulations of the occupancy document.

    19. Sale of mobile home - Anyone selling their property will need to provide us with a signed copy of the agreement of urchase and sale to keep in our files.


All property owners, tenants and renters will follow any and all additional rules (subject to share holders approval), which may from time to time be necessary for the effective operation of the corporation.

Dated this 27th day of May, 2013

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